Welcome to our family

We are together



Milchhof Albert is a traditional family business with many years of experience in high-quality milk processing.

We see ourselves as a down-to-earth company that is deeply rooted in the Bamberg region.

At the same time, we are constantly developing ourselves and our dairy so that future generations will also be able to continue writing the history of the dairy farm and its successes. That is why we look forward to welcoming new colleagues who want to help shape the future of our dairy with passion and drive.

In it together

The structures and processes in our company are designed to ensure an appreciative spirit of cooperation.

Our personal interaction with each other is based on honesty, respect and trust.

Instead of bureaucratic hurdles, we rely on flat hierarchies and an open ear for the concerns of our employees. That’s why, as a medium-sized company, we don’t rely on long forms or big conferences, but direct agreements via short phone calls and personal conversations.

Together, we can master all the challenges, large and small, of our everyday entrepreneurial life.

From repairing a defective machine, to the organisational handling of a pandemic. We will roll up our sleeves together, we will be there for each other, and we will help where help is needed. We see the low level of staff fluctuation in our company as a sign of our workforce’s satisfaction (and identification) with our dairy.

Key Benefits


Previous management generations at our dairy farm were also deeply concerned with providing a good standard of living for all employees. We are still guided by this concern today. That is why we offer our employees in all our business areas, from bottling to quality assurance and from accounting to sales, a secure job with responsible activities.

For us, performance-related pay in line with collective bargaining agreements is an important aspect of the appreciation of work performed, but it does not stop there. Building on this, flexible working time models – such as flexitime and mobile working – make it easier to reconcile family and career.

The daily litre of fresh milk given to each employee free of charge is more than just a small gesture for us in this context. This is because it also reflects our striving endeavour to value the work of our employees.

As a long-standing training company, we not only want to accompany young people in their first steps to forging a career path, but also offer them a long-term perspective in our dairy.

We also enable all other employees to continuously develop in their area of responsibility, or to take on new areas of activity through targeted further training.